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52 Weeks of Engaging Sales Email Campaigns

52 Weeks of Engaging Sales Email Campaigns

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As a business owner, you know the importance of staying connected with your customers. One of the most effective ways to do this is through regular email campaigns. But coming up with fresh and engaging content every week can be challenging. Fear not! We’ve got you covered with a year’s worth of creative ideas to keep your sales emails interesting and your customers returning for more. Now we didn’t spend hours coming up with this list BTW! We used ChatGPT and you can do it too. It’s not hard and the is the prompt we used:

ChatGPT Prompt: I have an australian business and I need to send out an email every week with sales items. Can you come up with a list of reasons for a sale for every week of the year. Example, last week with the End of Finanical Year (EOFY) sales, this week is new Financial year sale. There would be mothers day, fathers day, Australia day, news year, new years eve, Christmas, boxing day, etc - but I want some for every week. 

And this is what ChatGPT provide. You could easily adapt this for your own business needs. The idea here is to give you an idea of what is possible.

Certainly! Here’s the revised list with the numbered topics and descriptions combined:


  1. New Year Resolutions & Tips – Kick off the year by sharing tips for setting and achieving New Year resolutions. Offer products or services that align with these goals.
  2. Back to Work Productivity Hacks – Help your customers transition back to work with productivity tips and tools. Highlight any relevant products that can aid in their success.
  3. Summer Activities & Fun Ideas – Share fun summer activities and tie them into your offerings. Whether it’s beach gear or summer reading, make it relevant.
  4. Australia Day Celebration Ideas – Celebrate Australia Day with themed products and activities. Offer discounts on items perfect for an Aussie celebration.


  1. Back to School Organisation Tips – Provide organisational tips for the back-to-school season. Feature products that make the transition smoother.
  2. Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas & DIY Projects – Suggest thoughtful gift ideas and DIY projects for Valentine’s Day. Highlight items that make perfect gifts.
  3. Summer Recipes & BBQ Tips – Share delicious summer recipes and BBQ tips. Promote any related kitchenware or outdoor cooking equipment.
  4. Inspirational Leap Year Stories (if applicable) – Share inspiring stories about leap years. Use this unique event to create engaging content and special promotions.
  5. End of Summer Travel Destinations – Suggest end-of-summer travel destinations. Promote travel accessories or apparel.


  1. Autumn Gardening Tips – Share gardening tips for the autumn season. Feature gardening tools and supplies.
  2. Labour Day Traditions & History (VIC, WA) – Educate your audience on Labour Day traditions and history. Offer promotions on work-related products.
  3. St Patrick’s Day Celebration Ideas – Provide ideas for celebrating St Patrick’s Day. Offer themed products or discounts.
  4. Autumn Home Organisation Tips – Help your customers organise their homes for autumn. Promote organisational tools and supplies.
  5. Tips for Managing Seasonal Changes – Share tips for managing the seasonal transition. Highlight products that can help.


  1. Easter Craft Ideas & Recipes – Share fun Easter craft ideas and recipes. Feature relevant craft supplies and ingredients.
  2. Anzac Day Remembrance & History – Honour Anzac Day with historical content and respectful remembrance ideas. Offer themed promotions.
  3. Autumn Home Decor Trends – Showcase the latest autumn home decor trends. Promote your home decor products.
  4. Preparing Your Home for Winter – Provide tips for preparing homes for winter. Feature heating and insulation products.


  1. Mother’s Day Gift Ideas & Activities – Suggest thoughtful Mother’s Day gift ideas and activities. Highlight relevant products.
  2. May Day Celebrations Around the World – Educate your audience on May Day celebrations globally. Offer promotions on spring-related products.
  3. Mid-Autumn Wellness Tips – Share wellness tips for mid-autumn. Promote health and wellness products.
  4. Winter Wardrobe Essentials – Highlight winter wardrobe essentials. Offer discounts on winter clothing.


  1. Queen’s Birthday History & Traditions – Share the history and traditions of the Queen’s Birthday. Feature products related to the celebration.
  2. Preparing for EOFY: Financial Tips & Advice – Offer financial tips for the end of the financial year. Promote any relevant financial products or services.
  3. Winter Health & Wellness Tips – Share health and wellness tips for winter. Highlight products that support winter wellness.
  4. Winter Sports & Activities – Suggest winter sports and activities. Promote related gear and equipment.


  1. New Financial Year Planning Tips – Provide planning tips for the new financial year. Feature organisational tools and services.
  2. Winter Reading List Recommendations – Share a winter reading list. Promote books and reading accessories.
  3. Mid-Year Goal Setting & Reflection – Encourage customers to set and reflect on mid-year goals. Offer products that support goal achievement.
  4. Christmas in July Celebration Ideas – Celebrate Christmas in July with fun ideas. Promote festive products and decorations.
  5. Winter Craft Projects – Share winter craft project ideas. Feature relevant craft supplies.


  1. Back to School Tips & Tricks (Term 3) – Provide back-to-school tips and tricks. Highlight educational products.
  2. Winter Travel Destinations – Suggest winter travel destinations. Promote travel accessories.
  3. Father’s Day Gift Ideas & Activities – Offer Father’s Day gift ideas and activities. Highlight relevant products.
  4. Preparing for Spring Cleaning – Share tips for spring cleaning. Promote cleaning supplies and organisational tools.


  1. Spring Gardening Tips – Share gardening tips for spring. Feature gardening tools and supplies.
  2. Footy Finals Party Ideas – Provide ideas for hosting footy finals parties. Promote party supplies and snacks.
  3. School Holiday Activities – Suggest activities for school holidays. Highlight related products and services.
  4. Spring Cleaning Checklists – Offer comprehensive spring cleaning checklists. Promote cleaning and organisational products.


  1. Labour Day History & Facts (NSW, SA, ACT) – Educate your audience on Labour Day history and facts. Offer promotions on work-related products.
  2. Halloween Costume & Party Ideas – Share Halloween costume and party ideas. Promote themed products and decorations.
  3. Spring Fashion Trends – Showcase the latest spring fashion trends. Offer discounts on seasonal clothing.
  4. Daylight Saving Time Tips (except QLD, WA, NT) – Provide tips for adjusting to daylight saving time. Promote products that can help with the transition.


  1. Melbourne Cup Party Ideas – Share ideas for hosting Melbourne Cup parties. Promote party supplies and decor.
  2. Remembrance Day Stories & History – Honour Remembrance Day with historical content and stories. Offer themed promotions.
  3. Preparing for the Festive Season – Provide tips for preparing for the festive season. Highlight festive products and decorations.
  4. Cyber Safety Tips for Online Shopping – Share cyber safety tips for online shopping. Promote security-related products and services.
  5. Summer Prep: Outdoor Living Ideas – Suggest ideas for outdoor living in summer. Promote outdoor furniture and accessories.


  1. Christmas Decoration & DIY Ideas – Share Christmas decoration and DIY project ideas. Feature relevant supplies.
  2. Holiday Travel Tips – Provide holiday travel tips. Promote travel accessories and services.
  3. Boxing Day Tradition & History – Educate your audience on the traditions and history of Boxing Day. Offer post-Christmas promotions.
  4. New Year’s Eve Celebration Ideas – Suggest ideas for celebrating New Year’s Eve. Highlight related products and services.

With this comprehensive list, you can ensure your email campaigns are engaging and relevant all year round, keeping your audience interested and coming back for more.

You use chatGPT to come up with a list like this to help you with your email marketing campaigns and customise the list to your industry.

Matt Grill
Matt Grill is the founder and director of BSharp Tech and has over 20 years of experience in the IT industry.
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