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Why you should have a professional copywriter create the content for your new website

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74% of readers of this article will pay extra special attention to spelling and grammar. 

Do you want to know what else? 

80% of people wouldn’t have read past the headline of this article.

The core reason why you should have a professional copywriter create the content for your new website is that you have such a small window to grab the attention of your website visitors. 

Attention-grabbing graphics help with this, but really, your messaging will seal the deal. 

Hiring a professional copywriting: why the copy matters, but keywords are also, well, key …

It’s important to remember when creating content for your new website that the text on the pages isn’t just for reading. If the words on the page are keyword optimized, concise, and specifically crafted for the web, they will work best for you.

Professional copywriters know what needs to be done when writing for different mediums. A decent copywriter should take these requirements and mould them to fit the web. The result should be an article that solves the problem that brought the reader to the site in the first place, and that is easy for Google’s “bots” to crawl. This will boost your chances of people actually finding your product or service online.

1. Web copy is different to print copy 

While well-written brochure text is great for printed materials that people can read on the go, most people don’t realize that literary text is written to improve the reader’s ability to comprehend and express oneself artistically. As long as it’s accurate and makes sense, it doesn’t matter how long or short it is; it’s up to the author.

Creating web content is a little different. No matter how accurate and relevant a piece of writing is, the length and order in which the words appear are far more critical. For instance:

  • Subheadings work to help your reader as they skim the page (because, yes, they are skimming)
  • Lists and bullet points further serve to break up the text into digestible chunks
  • Bold text, used thoughtfully, can bring key points to the reader’s attention.

2. Talking to your ideal target customer 

As a business owner, you know your subject inside out.

But a mistake that kills website conversion rates is writing from your point of view, unless you have a specific reason to do so.

Example: most people use the first person voice when writing their Home and About pages … “We …”

A copywriter will flip it around so that the text is written from the reader’s point of view. Your website text should never be about you. It should always be about the reader: 

  • What is the problem that keeps them up at night? (Hint: it’s usually tucked away a layer below the problem they will first articulate to you. For instance, they might say they need a divorce lawyer. But what they really want is an as-peaceful-as-possible settlement done as quickly as the system will allow (okay, unless they’re out for blood!). Or, customers come to us with the ‘problem’ that they want a website. What you really want as a website customer is more leads and sales; the website is simply the tool to help you create that.
  • Does the reader want that problem solved? Or are they just toying with possible solutions?
  • Does the reader want your help solving the problem? Have you built enough trust with them so that they will feel comfortable handing their money over to you?
  • And does the reader want your help solving the problem right now?

These aspects can all be addressed by a good copywriter, so that by the time a customer speaks with you on the phone, they are very close to being ready to buy.

Of course, none of this can be created without a clear idea of who is is you help, and how you help them. A copywriting can assist you by asking the right questions so that they have all the ingredients they need to write words that sell. Which leads us to …

3. Writing with a focus on USPs

it takes a special writer to be able to subtly focus content on what a business’s unique selling proposition is. Particularly without making writing repetitive and mundane. 

Many business owners are unable to communicate the essence of their products or services. They may understand what they sell or offer and why they do it, but they are unaware of their brand narrative, which really is how they should be communicating through their brand’s language. New businesses may still be experimenting with their identities and business models. Hiring a copywriter means they will use a variety of techniques to help lay out these concepts.

If you are finding it tough to know exactly what your offer is, or which one to try first, consider asking your copywriter to write text for a few different landing pages. That way you can run traffic to each one and find the most effective option.

4. Great Writing Vs. Copywriting 

There’s a distinguishable difference between someone who is a decent writer, someone who is a great writer, and someone who is a copywriter, or at the very least, hired a professional copywriter. 

A copywriter knows how to remove technical jargon, so that your prospective clients understand exactly how it is you can help them. 

Regular blog posts can be written by great writers, but a copywriter can mean the difference between “pretty good” and “look how our organic traffic grew over the last six months!”

5. Creative Business Copy 

Business writing does not have to be stuffy and uninteresting. Share examples of how you have helped your clients so that those stories can be woven into the text. The more you can bring a situation to life, the more effective your message will be.

Seth Godin put it succinctly when he said “People like us do things like this.”

As you share stories of your clients’ successes, your prospective clients who face the same problems will see “people like us” when they visit your site, and quickly identify with your business as being the right place for them to move forward.

Synergy with your content 

One of the all-over advantages of hiring a professional copywriter is that you can begin to create synergy between your copy and your content and all the places you appear online, not just your website. 

It’s highly likely that a copywriter will write your service and product descriptions as well as other business website content for you. This means that you can use this to create copy for social media and other digital marketing efforts that are all aligned to your brand’s identity and persona. 

Professional, effective presentation 

The goal for your website is simple: attract visitors, get them to stay awhile, get them to read your content and engage with your brand, and then give them a great call-to-action so that they know exactly what they need to do.

The most effective copywriters understand what rate your website should convert regarding traffic → sales. They should know that if you are running traffic to a landing page, you should see at least 20% of people clicking through to the “next step” and that if it’s not, both the targeting used for that traffic, and the alignment of the message, should be evaluated.

So, yes, budget for a beautiful website. But also, budget for a copywriter who will help connect your website to the world.

If you don’t already have a copywriter lined up as part of your website build, we recommend you contact Jo McKee of McKee Creative, who also runs Your Ads on Demand. Because Jo’s team runs well-rounded campaigns for their in-house agency clients, they have a solid understanding of how to write effective copy. Over 80 other agencies use Your Ads on Demand for their own campaigns, as well as their clients’ campaigns. 

Get a quote. Email Jo:

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