WordPress Website Hosting

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We can provide a cloud hosting environment for your WordPress website and perform a migration of your existing WordPress site. We include Starter WordPress hosting under our WordPress Website care plans.

Blazing Fast speed

Blazing-Fast Site Speed

Get impressive load time on every site, backed by the Google Cloud Platform. No configuring needed!

SSL Certificate

Free SSL Certificate

An SSL Certificate keeps your site safer from hackers. It also helps you to rank higher in search engines as they give a higher ranking to secure sites.


High Availability

Our Cloud Platform offers the ability for full redundancy and high-availability of your site.  



Scaling your site to millions of visitors happens instantly and easily. There’s no need for downtime or a complicated migration to more hardware.


Daily Backups

We backup your site daily and can restore your site from backup if something goes wrong. 

Content Delivery Network CDN

Content Delivery Network (CDN)

Easily add a CDN to your site and rest assured our WordPress-specific caching is making your site fly no matter where in the world is being accesses from.

Staging Server

Staging Environment

Make changes in a test environment before going live, without setting up servers or plugins. You can easily push the change to your live site.


Migration Service

Free Migration Service

We can migrate your existing WordPress site free. All you need to do is repoint the DNS to your new hosting server.