Do you have a business problem that you would like to solve with software, but you are not sure how to go about it?

You might need to hire a consultant.

What is Software Consultancy?

Software consultancy provides expert knowledge and advice on approaches and strategies that a company can use to make a business decision. BSharp Technology can provide consultation with you to work out the best approach to solve your problem and to help you make a well-informed decision. Consultancy could be for either a simple problem that can be solved with a little information and knowledge on existing software and services available or be a complex problem involving many different bespoke software components.

Here are some of the consultancy services we can provide:

  • Advice and consultation on company software approach and strategy.
  • Research on software services and capabilities.
  • Planning and execution of software strategies.
  • Reviewing existing software and software development practices.
  • Software Engineering practices, process, change management and corporate culture.
  • Transformation strategies to modernise and build leading software development practices.
  • Migration strategies to Cloud.

We can provide a free 15-minute initial consultation to discuss your requirements.

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Our Other Services

The following outlines the services we offer at BSharp Tech.

However, if there is something outside of these services, please contact us to discuss your requirements.

Website Design and Development

We can design, develop and deploy a website for your business.

Website Health Monitoring

Security, SEO, uptime and performance monitoring and reporting.

WordPress Site Management

Can’t be bothered looking after your WordPress site? We can do it for you.

WordPress Website

We can build and configure a website using WordPress.

Business Email

We can set up and configure business-grade email.